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Interactive Digital Media for Events

Interactive Digital Media for Events: OnTag Event Solution - We OnTag proudly introduce the interactive digital media solutions for the first time in Sri Lanka for the people who are organizing or doing events. We do have the capability of customizing animated interfaces, design digital enviornment and project it into any plain surface and make it into work in real atmosphere by using sensor based solution to give an added advantage for the product users.

Innovative Ideas

Technology and Solutions

OnTag primarily focuses on providing cutting-edge sensor based solutions such as: Wally (interactive digital wall), Robotics-based automation approaches, Sensor network based solutions, computer-Vision based solutions, smart card solutions, custom made embedded industrial automation solutions, Remote controlled devices, Communication systems, Data collection, analysis, and pattern extractions via sensor networks.

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At OnTag, we understand that today’s businesses are facing complex challenges therefore extensive effort and capital have to be put into stay ahead in the competition. This requires higher investment, innovative ideas to be competitive and requires distributing the risks among different business partners.

OnTag goes beyond conventional IT solution provider’s boundaries and offers more services for clients.

 Extend more Service


to the Customers,


Providing various services through different service channels add more convenience to your customers and increases the customer satisfaction. Imagining a customer support web portal, customer support mobile application and an IVR system provides the same services to the user. User can select preferred or accessible channel to get desired service quickly on the move.

Why Choose OnTag for you business?

"OnTag understand that your IT applications will be an extension for providing more value added services to your valuable customers, so OnTag solutions strives to create a seamless brand experience that connects you and your customers in the most engaging ways than ever.

"OnTag research and development center strengthen with both academic and industry professionals who has wide range of expertise in industry automation solutions, especially robotic technologies.

"OnTag Private Limited developed a revolutionary product family, called OnTag Interactive Digital Media that effectively addresses the various issues related to conventional advertising & entertainment industries.The product family includes three different products.